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Our team have more than 30 years experience in collecting and selecting bee products raw material and build long-term-friendly relationship with our bee farm. We collected more than 1000MT raw beeswax, 500MT bee pollen and 80MT propolis every year.


After our QC check and accept each batch raw beeswax, will divide them into A, B, C, D grade according to Our Lab. test result including cloud point, acid value, easter value, sap. value, hydro-carbon value. During production, our quality inspector will make sampling inspection. Also sample the finished goods for third authority lab according to our client request.



We control quality by test on propolis content, flavonoids, heavy metal, antibiotics, pesticide residue, PAHs, etc in our lab., also help our customers to perform sample analysis, third party test agencies (such as INTERTEK, EUROFIN) results comparison, and product quality statistics and analysis, etc. JET air pulverizer is operated to ensure the fineness of the propolis powder, the temperature during the process of the output materials, then to reduce the risk of caking.



Quality Warranty:

We sure we will supply you qualified goods based on we sent you samples, once it happedned any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will change goods or return money to you once it is confirmed by us or third test.


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