Water Soluble Propolis Resin , Pure Propolis Extract With 20% Flavonoids

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Xuchang
Brand Name: Super-Sweet
Certification: ISO, GMP, HACCP, Kosher, FDA
Model Number: 3001
Minimum Order Quantity: 500kgs
Price: 19
Packaging Details: 1kgs/foil bag, 20bags/BOTTLE
Delivery Time: 10
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 360
Detail Information
Liquid Extract Propolis Variety:: Herbal Extract, Bee Propolis Powder Liquid Extract Propolis Sample: 100g Free
Liquid Extract Propolis Appearance: Brownish Yellow Powder Liquid Extract Propolis Heavy Metals: 10ppm Max
Liquid Extract Propolis: 5:1 10:1 20:1 Liquid Extract Propolis Packing: 25kg/Fibre Drum With Two Double Plastic Bag With Non-toxic.
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pure propolis extract


propolis liquid extract

Product Description

Water Soluble Propolis Resin Pure Propolis with 20% Flavonoids


Water Soluble Propolis Resin

Pure Propolis Extract in blocks or chunks, is the purified propolis through alcoholic maceration of crushed raw propolis, separate impurities and wax from propolis. High Flavonoids, Soluble in Ethanol, Extract from Raw Propolis by Filter, Purification and Concentration that comply with GMP. Propolis is origin from China or other countries and region, such as Brasil, East European Countries and etc. Flavonoids by UV-VIS or HPLC.


Water-soluble propolis refers to a propolis product which is dissolved in water by a certain technical means and processing technology to dissolve the propolis product which is not easily dissolved in water, can improve the absorption effect, and change or expand the use range of the propolis.


Propolis products made of water-soluble propolis, such as propolis soft capsules, propolis gel, and bee film, can be better absorbed by the human body and improve the health care effect. Propolis is fat-soluble, insoluble in water itself, and partially soluble in alcohol. Its ingredients include: 50-55% resin, 25-30% beeswax and 15-25% pollen. Water-soluble propolis is a relative statement, which means relative to alcohol solubility; the other refers to fat-soluble (alcohol-soluble). The latter refers to the dissolution of propolis into alcohol (ethanol) or polydiethanol. PH value is soluble in water at 6-7, and polydiethanol is better than ethanol. However, after years of research and analysis by clinical experts, long-term use of polydiethanol will reduce the absorption function of the gastrointestinal tract.


At present, there are two types of propolis liquid products circulating on the market, one is water-based, so-called water-soluble propolis liquid; the other is alcohol-based carrier, so-called alcohol-soluble propolis liquid. In fact, they are mostly derived from the same propolis extract cream. That is, the purchased fur glue, removes the beeswax, extracts with alcohol, removes impurities by filtration, concentrates under reduced pressure, and recovers pure propolis solids obtained by alcohol. Use this propolis solid, using a non-alcoholic solvent (or a small amount of alcohol mixed with other solvents), by emulsification, that is, water-soluble propolis liquid; dissolved in alcohol, that is, propolis alcohol solution (also has the hair to be acquired) The glue is percolated or leached with alcohol, and the propolis alcohol solution is directly obtained, but it is difficult to control the accuracy of the content). Therefore, whether it is water-soluble or alcohol-soluble, since all come from the same glue source, of course, the effect is basically the same.


Quick Details:

Product Type: Propolis Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Super-Sweet
Model Number: Propolis Extract Color: black Packaging: Bag
Certification: HACCP,ISO Grade: Grade one Shelf Life: 24months
Propolis Content: 98 % Heavy Metal Content: 5ppm Total Flavonoids Content: 20 %
Weight (kg): 20 kg Form: Solid Additives: no

Propolis Extract Specifications:

Item Specification
Physical Control


Flavor & Odor

Black chunk


Chemical Control

Propolis content

Total Flavonoids

Lead content

95% Min.

12.0% Min.

5ppm Max.

Microbiological Control

Total plate count

E. Coli


Yeast & Mould

1000/g Max.



30/g Max.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Inner packing: Bags, 1kg per bag; Outer packing: Carton, 20kg per carton.
Delivery Detail: 14 days after place an order




Raw Material

Our team have more than 30 years experience in selecting propolis raw material. We collected more than 200MT raw propolis every year.



Porcessing Technology


The low temperature extract produdction line with annual ouput 200MT propolis extract. Using sequential extraction and gradual filtration facilities to keep the active substances content and reduce the extraction cost. Low temperature concentration equipment and online temperature control system are performed to reduce nutrients loss and ensure product quality stability. Multistage filtration is used to increase the extraction content and reduce the impurity content of the finished product.


Quality Control


We control quality by test on propolis content, flavonoids, heavy metal, antibiotics, pesticide residue, PAHs, etc in our lab., also help our customers to perform sample analysis, third party test agencies (such as INTERTEK, EUROFIN) results comparison, and product quality statistics and analysis, etc. JET air pulverizer is operated to ensure the fineness of the propolis powder, the temperature during the process of the output materials, then to reduce the risk of caking.




S & S Item Name Total Heavy Metals mg/kg Total Flovonoids Pbmg/kg Asmg/kg
SSFJ301 98%Propolis Extract ≤5 ≥18% ≤1 ≤0.5
SSFJ302 70%Propolis Powder ≤5 ≥12% ≤1 ≤0.5
SSFJ303 60% Propolis Powder ≤5 ≥10% ≤1 ≤0.5

60% Water Soluble

Propolis powder

≤5 ≥10% ≤1




70% Water Soluble

Propolis powder

≤5 ≥12% ≤1 ≤0.5

10-30%Water Soluble

Propolis Liduid

≤5 2-6% ≤1 ≤0.5



Propolis extract Functions and health care

1)Antisepsis and treat inflammation

2)Antiviral effect

3)Enhance the immune regulatory effect

4)Promote the tissue regeneration

5)Anti-tumor effect

6)Anti-radiation effect

7)Local anesthesia and analgesic effect

8)Blood-lipid lowering effect

9)Can prevent from cardiovascular virus, can defend diabetic, restrain knub, propolis has the reemarkable assisstant use in hepatits, hepatocirrhosis, astriction, polypi, bilestone etc.

10) Propolis extract is the purified propolis through alcoholic maceration of crushed raw propolis, separate impurities and wax from propolis

11)For the composition of bee propolis, it includes vitamins except for vitamin K and 14 minerals that the human body needs to perform normal function. Bee Propolis offer many benefits to your health, it is helpful in fighting some diseases, speeding cell growth and promoting healing.



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